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Afghan rugs produced in Afghanistan are quite unmistakable and have developed a loyal fan base, being unique among antique rugs origins.In the cultural melting pot of Afghanistan, Balouch, Turkmen, Kazakh and Uzbek weavers come together, each bringing something unique from their countries of origin. Afghan carpets, bags and tribal trappings are created by many distinctive groups, including the Esari, Salor, Tekke and Yomut. Their designs are varied. However, their use of intricate elephant’s foot guls, vivid reds, ornamental borders and decorative end pieces provide a level of stylistic continuity. Using natural dyes, tribal weavers created a tremendous variety of red hues that range from deep aubergine brown to warm burnt orange. These vibrant colors are traditionally paired with clear blue and ivory accents. While the tribes of Afghanistan frequently use guls and serrated stars, the decorative borders and end pieces are the areas where weavers traditionally put a little bit of themselves and their culture into the design. This also holds true in the decorative rugs of Bokara where allover gul motifs are very common.

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