Antique Persian North West Rug

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Antique Persian Runner  North West Rug

Design : Geometric

Color :Rust Border

Material: Wool

North West Persian Rugs – is the area straddling the Caucasus mountains, Caspian sea and borders with South Asia Rugs produced in North West Persia represent a convergence of cultures from the Kazakhs and Khazars to the invading Mughals. The region of N. West Persia includes parts of Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Carpet weavers in N. West Persia were not the most prolific craftspeople but their rare high quality carpets are sought after commodities that regularly sell for record breaking sums. Historic evidence depicting looms and detailed carpet patterns confirms the development of knotted pile carpets and flat woven Kilim rugs during the Timurid dynasty which thrived between 1300 and 1500.


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