Classical Athlete, circa 21st century


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bronze on a marble based with a resin barbell at her feet. (it is also available in resin at a lower price) 
 25 x 9 x 7 inches  
"Since my art is a personal expression, it is not gender neutral.  Sometimes that is more obvious than at other times.  Take, for example, “Classical Athlete, circa 21st Century.”The art of the classical period of Ancient Greece, which produced some of the most exquisite sculptures the world has ever seen, celebrated mankind as an independent entity (atomo) by depicting a male athlete. In the 21st Century, I depict  humankind as a strong, centered female athlete.   But you look at ”Odaslique,” can you tell the sculptor was a female?" Said Paula Stern, the sculptor, added "'The ancient Greek Classical artists sculpted young males standing stiffly with arms down by their sides. You can see these artworks  in archaeology and art museums labelled   "Classical Athlete, circa 4th century.' I decided that it was time in the 21st century to have a female figure assume an athletic stance and call it 'Classical Athlete, circa 21st century.' A barbell lays at her feet ready for a workout."
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