Green Agate, White Quartz Doublet with Black Spinel Coronaria Brooch Pendant in Blackened Silver


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Luxuriant and festive attire of Anemone Coronaria is a fine decoration of any garden with every petal having its own unique ornament, like life lines of the human palm. And each gracious curve of its petal is reaching towards the sun. This exquisite adornment is remarkable for its rich color diversity, signature proprietary metalwork and its magic feature to transform from a brooch into a pendant with a special add on extension that effortlessly slides onto the pin. Handmade in New York City. Limited Edition. Flower diameter: 64 mm. Center stone: Green Agate and white quartz doublet: 14.5mm by 12.5 mm, oval cut. Please keep away from water, lotion and perfume to preserve color.

Green Agate Doublet with white quartz: 1 stone, total carat weight: 9.6 ct. Black spinel: 55 stones, total carat weight: 8.2 ct. Please note that carat weights may slightly vary as each Alex Soldier creation is handmade.
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