Sun Cuff in Silver, Gold and Black Rhodium


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Since ancient times, wide bracelets or cuffs formed an essential part of women's and men's wardrobes. Made of precious metals, they served not only as an ornament but also as a talisman. It was believed that a cuff, tightly fitting the wrist, would not allow negative energies affect its wearer. In order to enhance its protective power, bracelets were decorated with stones charged with healing properties and engraved with special symbols, hieroglyphs or mantras. Alex Soldier offers an extensive selection of cuffs bearing symbols of many positive entities such as love, prosperity, longevity, happiness, blessing and good fortune. The Sun pattern cuff is made in silver, deeply plated with 24 karat gold and black rhodium (platinum family), and finished with signature proprietary metalwork that creates an illusion of a diamond inlay. The cuff is available in 3 sizes and features double hinges for maximum comfort. Handmade in NYC. Limited Edition. Width: 41 mm. Small size: 5.75 inches (145 – 146 mm) wrist circumference. Medium size: 6.5 inches (167- 168 mm) wrist circumference. Large size: 7.25 inches (180 -181mm) wrist circumference. Please keep away from water, lotion and perfume to preserve color.

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